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Q&A: CEDIA Chairman Larry Pexton
CE Pro goes one-on-one with CEDIA Chairman Larry Pexton, who says optimism among integrators is running high as CEDIA membership in the Americas grows 16.5%, with…
CEDIA 2014
Conference & Expo
Sept. 10-13, 2014
Colorado Convention Ctr
Denver, CO USA

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Savant’s New Smart Home App Epitomizes Simplicity, Elegance, User Engagement
Launched at CEDIA 2014, Savant's new iOS and Android app lets users create their own home automation scenes and schedules, personalized with images. New Savant Plus…
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Hands On: Pinnacle Speakers’ Theater One 2.1 Powered Soundbase
CE Pro managing editor Arlen Schweiger reviewed the Pinnacle Speakers’ Theater One 2.1 powered soundbase and weighs the pros and cons of the audio product.
12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget
Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett Album is Brilliant Marketing for Sony Hi-Res Audio
Behind the Security Scene: How Atlanta is Making the City Safe
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Integrator’s Perspective: WyreStorm Impresses at CEDIA Expo
By Joe Whitaker. Wyrestorm's Enado control system, HDBaseT matrix switching solutions, SDI Extension among products on display at CEDIA Expo 2014.
I Found the Best Pot in Colorado during CEDIA Expo
By Jason Knott. I found the best pot in Denver during the CEDIA Expo and it was not at a local marijuana dispensary. It was a Madison Fielding planter speaker blasting out tunes.
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Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett Album is Brilliant Marketing for Sony Hi-Res Audio
Run Your Integration Business As If ...
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Strutting Their Stuff at CEDIA: TiVo Mega, GoRave Wireless Audio Streaming and More
Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2014: Jeremy Burkhardt is Ba-ack
Crestron Helps Push Home Automation to the Masses with Pyng
Memo to You Call that Home Automation?
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Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/29/14, 05:23 PM)
Hello, techinstaller! Do you install this stuff for clients or for yourself? Would love to learn more if you can shoot me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Techinstaller (Posted on 09/29/14, 04:19 PM)
Tested this product this week. I am a technician that installs stuff like this all the time. It took a looooong time to get a hub and a few simple devices set up but the support was a real person, fairly knowledgeable, and easy to get in…
Bob Rapoport (Posted on 09/29/14, 12:30 PM)
Yes, Blu-ray is tangible content with DRM restrictions on its use.  Most people conform to the new rules, judging by the numbers.  The Adele concert on Blu-ray and Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day are multi-million sellers,…
Bob Rapoport (Posted on 09/29/14, 12:08 PM)
Thats because the content is so hi res its protected against piracy, the highest resolution digital content cant be heard without compliance to the HDCP protocol. Hi resolution means the content is uncompressed, with the full bandwidth…
paulcunningham (Posted on 09/29/14, 12:07 PM)
And yes, you can get bit-perfect audio off of a Blu-ray disc but it takes a long time and requires using software that is not legal in the US. My larger point is that people interested in listening to high-resolution music in their…
paulcunningham (Posted on 09/29/14, 11:52 AM)
Bob of course Blu-ray content can be enjoyed on a Blu-ray disc player; my point is that I can’t add Blu-ray content to my existing library of high-rez music to be played back by Sonos, Sooloos, Amarra, etc. the way that most people…
Bob Rapoport (Posted on 09/29/14, 11:50 AM)
@paul, you cant get the digital hi res audio off the Blu-ray without a Blu-ray player, not just any audio player. The disc must be in the player drawer, player must be set to HDMI Bitstream output, authenticated for a secure connection downstream…
Fdosw (Posted on 09/29/14, 11:09 AM)
No.  pay supposedly will come from revenue.  But although some products are ready, the system is still not complete.  And with the new owners, it doesn’t look like it ever will be.
Bob Rapoport (Posted on 09/29/14, 09:20 AM)
@paulcunningham - Your understanding about this is incorrect, all that’s required is to use a Blu-ray player with audio output set to HDMI Bitstream.  This avoids any degradation by the players D to A converter or down-rezzing…
paulcunningham (Posted on 09/29/14, 08:57 AM)
@Bob - the difficulty with Blu-ray recordings is getting the disc’s audio onto your audio-only player of choice. You either lose quality (e.g. Blu-ray analog line out to the typically pitiful ADC in a computer) or have to rip the disc…
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