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Hands On: Exploring Dish Sling TV Streaming Video Service
Review: How Dish's Sling TV streaming video service beats Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and big cable.
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Will Tesla Batteries Force Home Wiring To Go Low Voltage?
By Jason Knott. Industry consultant claims the advent of solar power and home batteries from companies like Tesla will force the reinvention of home wiring from primarily AC high voltage to DC home-run low voltage to reduce power conversion loss.
Do the Math: Verified Burglar Alarms Are ‘1,000 Times Better’ than Unverified
By Jason Knott. Integrator Radius Security in Vancouver, Canada, uses a YouTube video to explain why security burglar alarm signals that are verified prior to dispatch via video surveillance or client callbacks are '1,000 times better' than unverified systems.
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jbrown (Posted on 05/29/15, 03:48 PM)
This is close, but it’s still $20/mo and of the 20 channels, only 7 or 8 are worth paying for (in my opinion). So if I could get those for $7 or $8/month I might be interested. And not being able to do the latest edition of Sportscenter…
John Cargile (Posted on 05/29/15, 10:17 AM)
Yep, Sling TV has brought television back into my home. We’ve had antenna for years—just didn’t see the value of spending $80+ for sitting on the couch too much. Added Roku at Christmas, but it didn’t bring much more…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 05/29/15, 05:59 AM)
Bummer, thanks for the update.
Casey Miller (Posted on 05/29/15, 03:36 AM)
Best feature would have to be the two way communication; you never have to get the door again unless it’s the pizza delivery ^_^
cern741 (Posted on 05/28/15, 11:41 PM)
I simple reason we don’t use DC in houses, FIRE. DC is notorious for arcing faults. I also note that domestic solar strings output up to 600 volts DC, not 12 volts as stated.
Branden Pirot (Posted on 05/28/15, 04:24 PM)
Why are the manufactures in our channel allowing bottom dwellers to out innovate them?  What do I tell clients that I am trying to sell 50k+ systems to when they tell me their friends $10.00 Vivent system has these features?…
Joe Whitaker (Posted on 05/28/15, 02:57 PM)
Well update time: Unfortunately the product did not make it passed the Expert Review. I suspect this is due to it being competition for a consumer product they already make which is the Pivot Power Strip. Of course this doesn’t…
Maury Markowitz (Posted on 05/28/15, 02:53 PM)
Is this a joke? Modern inverters lose about 2 to 5% in conversion. I’ve installed thousands. The lowest rated efficiency I’ve seen is around 92%, and that’s in edge scenarios. CEC averages for the collection on my…
qubit88 (Posted on 05/28/15, 02:24 PM)
There is already an open industry alliance geared towards this exact technology. It is the Emerge Alliance and on its website it says: “An open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial…
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