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2015 CE Pro Quest for Quality Winners
Based on 8,800+ total votes, CE Pro's 5th annual Quest for Quality Awards winners exemplify the helping hand given to integrators by the manufacturer/distributor…
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#TBT: High-Tech Home Basketball Courts for March Madness
With the NCAA Tournament in full effect, go back to 2011 in this edition of Throwback Thursday and explore these high tech home basketball courts.
2015 CE Pro Quest for Quality Winners
ISC 2015 Find: Super-Smart Digital Lever Lock from Locksis/Segos America
10 Home Audio Products Making Noise
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CEDIA Addresses Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Act
By Julie Jacobson. Indy-based CEDIA 'does not support discrimination of any kind.'
A Solar Powered Dummy Camera?!
By Julie Jacobson. SecurityMan adds solar power to make dumb surveillance camera look smarter.
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Chuck Schneider (Posted on 03/31/15, 11:50 AM)
For the record, I worked for the New England Dual manufacturer’s rep as recently as January 2012 when I relaunched my own rep firm.  Except for forgetting to mention that the US rights were sold by TCL of Shenzhen to Namsung,…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 03/31/15, 11:36 AM)
It is actually slim pickin’s when you consider viable venues for CEDIA. Yet another case to have CEDIA in Denver FOREVER!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 03/31/15, 11:15 AM)
Indeed, Paul. This is an excellent article on that subject:…
AJW (Posted on 03/31/15, 11:06 AM)
that argument means there exists 31 states that DO NOT have such laws. That is hardly slim pickings
Paul Epstein (Posted on 03/31/15, 10:47 AM)
I’ve heard that argument Julie. This law was passed after Indiana lost a court case relating to same sex marriage. It is much higher profile than the other states. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Eli Lilly & Co. and many other…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 03/31/15, 10:33 AM)
Paul, 19 other states and the federal government have similar RFRA laws. Clinton signed it into law as president, Obama as Illinois legislator. It would be mighty slim pickin’s if CEDIA avoided all RFRA states. They did…
Paul Epstein (Posted on 03/31/15, 10:29 AM)
I appreciate CEDIA’s position on this issue and expected nothing less from the organization. My problem would be more about selecting Indianapolis as the location for an Expo. CEDIA would be unable to protect the attendees from the…
Audioplus (Posted on 03/31/15, 09:55 AM)
In 1993/4, Dual was finally split off into Dual Phono GmbH, i.e. the Dual line of turntables, which were acquired by the German company Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH, which has continued to produce them in the Black Forest town of St. Georgen.[3]…
Dual Electronics (Posted on 03/31/15, 09:36 AM)
Sadly not a single fact in the story of who purchased the Dual brand from the original owner and what happened with it is correct. The author also failed to correctly present the current state of the brand. While we do in fact sell our products…
TLS (Posted on 03/31/15, 01:05 AM)
Do remember that for a device to connect to HomeKit, it needs to have a hardware component as well. This is provided only by Apple and as such, Apple can select its partners based on whatever criteria it sees fit.
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