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CEDIA Expo 2014 Draws 18,500 Attendees, Up 3%
CEDIA Expo 2014 in Denver had 18,500 attendees (up 3%) and more than 480 exhibitors, a 14% increase in terms of square footage.
CEDIA 2014
Conference & Expo
Sept. 10-13, 2014
Colorado Convention Ctr
Denver, CO USA

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Remote Access Now Super-Simple for On Controls Home Automation
With super-secure networking handled in the cloud, new device simplifies remote access and control of On Controls smart-home system from iRule. (Julie Jacobson /…
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Make Room: 8 Ultra HD 4K TVs Over 70 Inches
Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sharp among the companies delivering super-sized Ultra HD 4K TVs for a massive viewing experience.
4 Real Takeaways from Sony Keynote at CEDIA Expo 2014
URC Dealers in the Lurch after Control4 Acquisition of Extra Vegetables
Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2014: Jeremy Burkhardt is Ba-ack
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I Found the Best Pot in Colorado during CEDIA Expo
By Jason Knott. I found the best pot in Denver during the CEDIA Expo and it was not at a local marijuana dispensary. It was a Madison Fielding planter speaker blasting out tunes.
Strutting Their Stuff at CEDIA: TiVo Mega, GoRave Wireless Audio Streaming and More
By Richard Fregosa. TiVo, Steinway Lyngdorf, GoRave, Rachio among companies previewing products at CEDIA Expo 2014.
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Veggie-Gate Highlights Perils of Unsanctioned Third-Party Drivers
Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2014: Jeremy Burkhardt is Ba-ack
Crestron Helps Push Home Automation to the Masses with Pyng
Memo to You Call that Home Automation?
Warning: Your Employment Ad Could be Against the Law
How to Climb Out of the Trunkslamming Rut
You Heard it Here First: This is Crestron Pyng
Two Holes in the Wall, One Shattered Vizio: Write Your Own Caption
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paulcunningham (Posted on 09/16/14, 05:21 PM)
Well-played, sir.
mikalos (Posted on 09/15/14, 11:32 PM)
Ok, so 720 degrees = 360 degree pan and “360” degree tilt (really only 180 degree tilt) - so the less expensive camera does not tilt at all? I just find it sad that the makers of such a great product still feel the need…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/15/14, 10:40 PM)
The pan/tilt/zoom is done digitally. The dual cameras and algorithms enable 720 degrees of undistorted coverage, all at once, so you don’t missing any any action as you would with mechanical PTZ.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/15/14, 05:38 PM)
But you have to admit, this is a little bit funny: “just so I can fix all the typos and gramatical errors!” (perhaps not as funny as “I just knew right away it was write.”)
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/15/14, 05:16 PM)
Sorry about that, Tom. The rush of CEDIA and all. Our online articles don’t get the full proof-read like our print stuff does (usually). I’ll clean up this piece for you. - jj
Audioplus (Posted on 09/15/14, 05:02 PM)
Thanks Julie, it was unavailable Friday AM and the page recommended checking back later in the day.
mark barber (Posted on 09/15/14, 04:56 PM)
looks great and hopefully distribution will remain through regular channels besides the LTE versions i guess.
Audioplus (Posted on 09/15/14, 04:51 PM)
The CE Pro page linking to the Keynote Address last week was unavailable. This is the first industry reference to Mike Fasulo’s CEDIA Keynote. I hope it was more than a sales pitch?
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 09/15/14, 02:42 PM)
keeping you on your toes, that’s all.
tom hall (Posted on 09/15/14, 02:41 PM)
Could you please hire an editor?  I would like to forward relevant articles to my staff and sometimes even clients, but I end up having to cut and paste them, just so I can fix all the typos and gramatical errors!
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