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Jeremy Burkhardt Launches Origin Acoustics
Burkhardt and SpeakerCraft founder Ed Haase Launch Origin Acoustics with Dave Donald. Burkhardt says SpeakerCraft has lost its way. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)
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Don’t Use ‘White House Down’ for Client Demos
By Jason Knott. The plot of the 2013 action movie 'White House Down' starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx hinges around domestic terrorists infiltrating a custom installation company called Sonic DC to spark a bloodbath at the White House.
Does Anyone (Else) Care About Security Dealers?
By Julie Jacobson. Thousands of security dealers flocked to ISC West 2014, but mostly what they found was ... security. Isn't anyone else interested in this huge channel of low-voltage installers? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)
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CITM (Posted on 04/16/14, 06:00 AM)
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/16/14, 05:46 AM)
I can tell you this: Jeremy gets us far more page views than any other industry personality!
Paulb (Posted on 04/16/14, 12:51 AM)
“HD Audio” above CD quality (beyond what we can even hear) is all marketing nonsense.  Marketing nonsense sells of course but it is a waste of attention that could focused on releasing CD masters as flac. Best summary…
J Winn (Posted on 04/15/14, 07:31 PM)
Well said Steve. Jeremy offers something special when he is in full force. Not only is he passionate about music but he is also passionate about people.  This combination has made him a huge presence in our industry love or hate him.…
Bryan Levy (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:43 PM)
Mr. Stanley may or may not have the best ear’s anymore…but the guys he demo’ed with; I know at least 2 could be considered golden ear candiates. Lets be honest though, the problem wasn’t the speakers…it…
Steve (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:39 PM)
I think real swep tests are a must anymore. I was using a wire product that was cheaper and Rey heavily advertised. Guess what. Not a single one passed full bandwidth spec. Best course I’ve had was with Roy from Extron who taught me…
Steve Ambrogio (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:37 PM)
Speakercraft (Pre-CORE) was by far the best company I dealt with. There was no other company that cared more about us dealers. They showed it with their service, pricing, always making things right when an issue arose and the countless events…
Jan Tulloch (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:21 PM)
What bothers me about Mr Stanley’s comment, it that it is symptomatic of what is wrong with our industry. As if he were some authority, (and I do not know the man) Mr Stanley, without any substantiation, rudely dismisses a product that…
Rick (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:19 PM)
I’ve been a SpeakerCraft dealer for over a decade.  I ate dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas one year. I Went to Palm Springs to have a get together with a bunch of Dealers to have key Speakers help us grow and prosper and…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/15/14, 06:10 PM)
A little bit funny. I know Jerry DC and he has a great group of reviewers. He makes a really big point about being the biggest and best site out there. I bow to him. When I had my first waitressing job at TGIFriday’s - one of…
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